1 in 3 people in the UK is affected by poor liver health with no cure in sight and numbers rising year on year.


Despite the scale of the problem, liver research still isn't getting the funding it needs.


There are plenty of researchers who are more than capable of advancing science and getting us closer to a cure. We just need to find extra funding for them.


Launching LivOn!, has been the perfect way to do that because we donate 5% of every sale to research.


So far we have raised £950.98 (and counting)


The money goes to all kinds of worthwhile projects like The Liver Group's initiative to build a Bio-Artificial Liver.



There are lots of ways you can stay involved and help us beat liver disease:

Buy / Stock LivOn! Coffee Bran

Keep supporting LivOn! so we can keep donating 5% of every sale to liver research.

Spread the word about liver health

Tell your friends and family about it too. The more the merrier.

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Fundraise to beat liver disease

Become  a fundraiser yourself. If you'd like to sell our drinks at your own coffee morning or bake sale, we'll happily let you have them at cost. Just get in touch with us directly via email.

Finally, keep giving. Whatever you can spare, however little it amounts to, it all adds up and every penny counts.